Dashboard Warning Lights – When to Visit the Dealership

When the check engine light comes on, always be sure that your engine isn't over-heating. If this is a concern for you in any way, please bring your vehicle to Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis for proper care. In the least concerning of the matter, a simple oil change may be the best bet to rid of that annoying engine light. It is always necessary to keep the engine at the correct temperature, and engine oil is a key to this and in the case that over-heating happens, the next stop is definitely our service center.

Other dashboard warning lights occur as well, such as:

  • Brake light, which indicates either brake fluid depletion or brake parts malfunctioning
  • Transmission light, which indicates fluids as well as its parts
  • Airbag light which indicates malfunctioning airbags

Always be clear to keep your vehicle in the best possible driving condition to best provide safety for you and your family. Visit our dealership whenever any of your warning lights have arrived, especially after applying fluids and the light remains.

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