Your Oil Needs to Be Clean

If you are just not sure whether or not to get your oil changed it can help you to take a look at it. It should be clear like vegetable oil. If it isn't, then you need to get it changed at an auto service shop. You can refer to your owner's manual to see what it recommends or come see us here at Keifer Nissan of Corvallis to find out how many miles you can drive in between oil changes.

It used to be that 3,000 was the ideal number of miles you could drive before needing an oil change but the motor oils of today are a bit better and you can probably go for about 7,500 miles before needing another oil change.

Make it a habit to check your oil regularly to make sure that it does not need to be changed. Your driving can also affect how often you need to get it changed out.

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