Nissan Involved in the Promotion of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

In a recent online article from, the Nissan Foundation is pushing efforts to unify racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds from across the nation. From where the foundation started in Southern California to the state of New York, Nissan is helping out the communities in need. The Nissan Foundation will donate over $700,000 in grants to 29 separate non-profit organizations located in the West, Midwest, South, and Northeastern states in order to promote diversity and respect toward different ethnic cultures.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Nissan Foundation, which was founded in 1992 after the period of civil unrest that occurred after the Rodney King verdict in Southern California. Since then, the Nissan Foundation has gifted over $10 million to 120 non-profit organizations while continuing to promote public, social, and educational programs across the nation. Reaching out to the diverse communities in our country only strengthens us as a whole, and the Nissan Foundation continues forward with massive award promotions to better our society.

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