Know Your Dashboard Warning Lights

You may have noticed that once in a while when you switch on your car, there are some warning lights on your dashboard. Different lights have different meanings. Should you not understand why a particular warning light showed up on your dashboard, refer to your car manual or stop over at Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis in Corvallis, OR.

The warning lights signal a faulty in the car system. Some of the warning lights include:

Temperature warning light: When the car temperature is too high, this light will show up signaling you to either cool the engine since it's too hot or switch on the air conditioner.

Oil pressure warning light: This light shows up to signal you that there’s low pressure in the oil and you need to take action.

Seatbelt warning light: If you are in the driver’s seat and haven’t tied up your seatbelt, this light will show up alerting you to tie your safety belt.

Should you notice any warning lights on your dashboard that you are not aware of, be sure to visit our dealership center in Corvallis, OR, and our mechanics will quickly fix the problem.

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