Does Your Car Have an Unidentified Squeak or Leak?

Your Nissan car or SUV features a complex network of mechanical and supplementary components that keep it running for your Corvallis, OR adventures. Belts and hoses work with your vehicle's engine to encourage continued performance. When one of these vital components breaks down, you can be left stranded.

You may already know that your belts and hoses are essential auto parts, but do you know what functions they perform? Your car's hoses help to feed the necessary air pressure and fluids from one component to another. Your belts keep your water pump, power steering, alternator, air conditioning, and other systems running. Over time, temperature shifts and excess mileage can cause your components to develop cracks and leaks, and your belts may stop moving around the pulleys as designed. These damages may create noticeable squeaks, though not always.

Have you noticed a new leak or a squeaking sound while operating your vehicle? Come to Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis soon for maintenance and repairs. We'll get your vehicle back on the streets of Corvallis, OR as soon as possible.

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