What is the Importance of Regular Alignments?

Whether you keep to the streets of Corvallis, OR or take on the highway, your safety is of utmost importance to the Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis auto service team. If you start to notice a tremble or shake of your steering wheel, no matter how small, you could have a vehicle that's out of alignment. What does this mean for your commute?

When your vehicle comes out of alignment, your tire treads may start to wear unevenly. One of your tires may look more worn than another, and can cause you to lose your grip and control on the road. Scheduling an alignment can help your tires wear evenly and improve your performance.

Alignments are often quick services, and the auto technicians can help you to maintain your vehicle's integrity by addressing alignment issues promptly. If you need additional information or if you would like to schedule your next alignment, contact our Corvallis service center.

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