We Love Horsepower

Here at Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis, we just want to say we LOVE horsepower. Termed by James Watt to promote the steam engine, horsepower has come a long way in terms of usage. And we really love things with a lot of horsepower.

By definition, horsepower is 33,000 lb-ft per minute. So that's 33,000 lbs moved 1 foot each minute. If you either increase the weight or distance moved or decrease the time you would evidently increase the horsepower. So knowing this, if you increase one of those two components or decrease the time of work, you make a more powerful machine. And if you can place such a machine (i.e. an engine) in something with wheels, you can imagine how much weight you can move in such a short time.

From plane engines to car engines, horsepower allows engineers and manufacturers, alike, to rate their designs based on performance. The more horsepower the better in our book. Come explore our new Nissan inventory soon to explore cars and SUVs with plenty of horsepower!

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