How to Safely Jump Another Car

In order to safely jump another car, you will need a pair of safety goggles, a wire brush, gloves, and good jumper cables. Once the two vehicles are head-to head, pop open the hoods and inspect the batteries. If there is any corrosion at the contact points, clean now with a wire brush.

Attach the red cable to the good battery positive side, then the positive to the bad battery. Take a black cable end and attach to negative on the good battery. The other end of the black cable needs to go on a piece of exposed metal on the car with the battery being jumped.

Crank the car, then leave running a few minutes. Now try to start the car with the weak battery; it might take a few tries. Don't risk having battery trouble again! Come to Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis so we can give the entire charging system a clean bill of health before replacing your battery.

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