Tire Rotation: When More is Better

Having a smooth ride with good gas mileage involves more than just a reliable vehicle and a brand new set of tires. Although tires play a large part in how your vehicle runs, having them inspected and rotated regularly can keep them in the best possible condition. Stop at our Nissan dealership and have the professionals take a look.

You may wonder how often to have your tires inspected or rotated. When it comes to tire maintenance, more really is better. Consider having your tires rotated if the following exists.

  • Your tires are wearing unevenly.
  • You're getting a bumpy ride.
  • Front tires wearing faster than back tires or vice versa

Even if you are not experiencing problems, tire rotation is necessary to ensure these problems don’t develop. Once they develop, your tires may need to be replaced. Call for an appointment at our Corvallis, OR location.