Which V8 Engine Will You Choose for the Nissan Titan XD?

From towing to off-road driving, the Nissan Titan XD has high marks in important categories. This pickup truck is available with a full-size cabin that takes up to six people for a ride.

Marked with the Cummins badge, the 5.0 L V8 engine block in the Titan XD produces up to 310 horsepower. This diesel engine cranks out 555 pound-feet of peak torque. Additionally, you could tow up to 12,640 pounds with this eight-cylinder powertrain. As described by Kiefer Nissan, a two-stage turbocharger with the Holset M2 technology gives the Cummins engine a huge boost on the road.

This Nissan pickup truck also offers the 5.6 L V8 Endurance engine that pumps out 390 hp and approximately 395 lb-ft of torque. A rear-wheel drive (RWD) could be replaced with 4x4 drive that has a transfer case. A locking differential boosts the performance of the rear axles on mud, grass, dirt, snow and other surfaces.



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