Nissan LEAF for Extended Battery Life

If one of the reasons why you have strayed away from an electric vehicle is short range, you need to check out the new Nissan LEAF. The LEAF is quickly beating out the competition as a favorite compact electric vehicle due to its improved range and battery life. Improved technology is the reason.

The LEAF allows you to charge at home using either a trickle charge or a quick charge for a 150-mile range. The trickle charge allows you to use your home electric system for charging your vehicle. Another home charging option is a charger that can charge the vehicle and about 7.5 hours. When you are out on the road, you can pull into a convenient charging station and give the LEAF a 30-minute quick charge that will get you about 90 miles.

It is time to check out the improved range of the Nissan LEAF today at Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis.



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