Technology Features of the Nissan Rogue Sport

One of the most versatile compact crossovers on the road today, the Nissan Rogue Sport remains a popular choice thanks to its quality construction, excellent engine performance, and range of technology features.

Customize every ride you or others take in your Rogue Sport with a personalized alert system that will warn you if you exceed the speed limit, if the person who has borrowed your car left a radius you set, or if a teen is driving past a certain time of night. You can also enjoy remote access of your vehicle, allowing you to start the car and run the heater or air conditioner so the climate is perfect inside when you're ready to drive. If you can't remember quite where you parked, remotely sound the horn to locate your car quickly.

If you're curious about the Nissan Rogue Sport and would like a closer look, we welcome you to visit Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis and take a test drive.



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