Winter marches forward, and the season isn't always kind to drivers. Imagine getting stuck on the road when temperatures approach freezing levels. The situation is never good, but having a winter survival kit in the car could make things somewhat better.

Keeping food, water, and a blanket in the trunk might be a smart plan. Bottled water and granola bars can keep your nourished until help arrives. A blanket may keep you warm. Keeping an extra phone, maybe a prepaid one, in the glove compartment is wise, too. If your primary phone goes out, you have a spare.

Jumper cables, roadside flares, tire sealants, and more could prove helpful as well. The next time you visit an automotive retailer, ask about things you could buy to prepare for the winter. A sales rep could point some excellent merchandise out. Any time of the year is a good one for a test drive in Corvallis, OR. The team at Kiefer Nissan can help you out there.


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