Your car's alternator is a powerful component that transforms mechanical energy into electricity. Contrary to popular belief, it's your alternator that delivers electricity to your car, not your car's battery. Our Kiefer Nissan of Corvallis team put together this brief explanation for your info.

How an Alternator Works

An alternator is essentially a generator. It picks up electrons from mechanical energy generated via the motion of your car's wheels. As you commute to and fro in Corvallis your car's alternator recharges your car battery and fuels your car's electrical system.

Mechanical to Electrical Energy

In the same way a windmill or turbine creates energy, your car's alternator forces electrons collected from mechanical energy through a special electrical circuit. The result is electricity. Although common today, alternators didn't become standard until Chrysler produced its 1960 Valiant.

When to Change Your Alternator

We recommend that you change your alternator every five to seven years. Your battery might need changing or maintenance even more frequently, so stay on top of your car's service needs with routine appointments.

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